It all started back in 85. We had just graduated from Granada High School in Livermore California the year before. We were just kids racing around in cars & getting into trouble. Hard Rock was what we listened to while we cruised the streets of the San Francisco bay area. Bands like Metallica, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Ozzy, Scorpions, Motley Crue & others were the staple sounds, but we wanted more!
Our budy, Jeff Conn had been playing guitar for several years but was not in any band. We were at times asked what band we were in since the gang was rather wild & had the image of a Rock Band ...long hair, leather jackets & tore up jeans. The encouragement got us thinking, "Why Not" ...We lived ROCK&ROLL anyway, why not go after it? The group was linning up. Jeff Conn would write songs & play leads. Bob Frost would play rhythum guitar. Claude VanSant would play Bass, & Ron Stohr would play Drums.
No one sounds great when they first start playing an instrument, but we spent alot of time practicing & before long we were playing AC/DC & Judas Priest tunes.
After some time, Jeff moved on to other things...he got married... & became unavailable for practice. About this time we ran into someone else from High School,.. Troy Herald. Oh my god this guy could scream on a guitar!
Time went on as we played at parties & after some time a freind of Claude's started hanging around. His name was Jim Stewart. This was another crazy guy who could play guitar & create very melodic Rock Tunes. He was also a very good singer; he sounded like BonJovi. With the addition of Jim, we now had 5 people as part of the Band; three guitar players, one bass player & drums. It made for some interesting sounds & we had alot of crazy nights through the 80's & early 90's.
In all this time we never really got too commercial, we were mainly interested in having a good time playing at parties & the ocasional bar.
Eventualy in the early 90's, it was time to move on. Troy & Jim moved away & the rest of us stayed in Livermore but became to busy with other things in life. It was time for a break anyway. We had spent a decade rockin' out & having parties till dawn. Life sometimes demands change & it was time to settle down. We all moved on.
In 1998, after several years away from the seen, the main players got back into action. We made a fresh start with a new lineup. Claude VanSant could now play drums as well as bass. Ron Stohr could play guitar, bass, & drums. Bob Frost could play guitar & bass. This could seem confusing as to who plays what! For a time it was a little bit of everything. The whole idea was to experiment with new instruments, equipment & sounds to expand our capabilities & experience. Of course, the name of the game always is to have fun & enjoy life. Trading off instruments was a rewarding & challenging way to mix it up & keep it fresh.
About this time period, we were also experimenting with some new recording technology. With the advancement of computers & CD-Burning technology, it was now possible to record sound in Stereo through two Mics, run it through an Equalizer/Mixer & send it to the computers sound card to make digital "WAV" files. These sound recordings were far superior to the tape recordings done back in the 80's. For the first time we could make CD quality music inexpensively right in our own Studio. Our 1999-2000 CD has the best of this time period. We also had a smash Halloween Party in 1999 with a guest apearance of our bud Greg who plays guitar with us from time to time. (Greg's the clown on the Video.)
In 2001, the line-up firmed up with the addition of two new players with a fresh attack & a new heavier sound. The lineup in 2001 for MetallHead was as follows:
Doug McFadden: Lead Vocals, Bass.
David Jones: Guitars, Guitars, & more Guitars.
Ron Stohr: Lead Guitars, Vocals.
Claude VanSant: Drums & Percusion, Vocals.
But don't blink, we may just mix it up without warning! Claude & Ron do a solo on the Drums.... or should I say "DUAL SOLO"! We have a special setup of Drums with Dual Double Bass with 4 hammers & Dual Throwns so we can team up on the Drums & create unique beats with complex Rolls & Fills!
During 2001, we also built a NEW Studio in the Basement of Claude's home. We use to use a room inside his house.
Click Here to see the Old Studio.
Click Here to see Building of New Studio.
Click Here to see the New Studio in the Dungeon.
The 'Dungeon' has kind of a Haunted Atmosphere to it, laced with Dragons, Goons, Ghosts & the like. Smoke machines & black lighting are used for effects. This is an ongoing project so much more is on the way.
Well it's all nice while it lasts, but over the next few years our band went through termoil with Claude moving to Tracy...and there goes all that work. We had to start out all over building a new studio out in Tracy. Sucks having to start out all over! But Claudes new home has a huge garage that's seperate from the house, and on the oposite side of his property. We went to work on this, once again, new studio.
Having to rebuild in so many different locations has an interesting effect. We have learned so much about sound enginering and recording, we decided to put it in a book so others can build their own sound studios and create the best sound recordings posible on a "garage" budget! Ameture budget, but Profesional recordings. We will offer this "Sound Studio Bible" as soon as it's ready.
During 2007 we will release our song "Bloody as Hell"! Bloody is a song about a female Vampire named Molly.
We will make the CD BLOODY AS HELL available on WWW.METALLHEAD.COM as soon as it's complete!
If you are interested in seeing us play or want to visit our Dungeon, you can EMail us at:
More MetallHeadHistory is on the way as the Present becomes the Past.
Thank you for letting us tell you our Story. We hope to see you soon in our Dungeon of Metal.....Party on!